Auth Wagmi SDK Reference Guide - v2.0.0

Arcana Network Auth-Wagmi SDK

Arcana Auth-Wagmi SDK

What is Auth-Wagmi SDK?

Auth-Wagmi SDK is a companion SDK to Arcana Auth. It is required for enabling social logins in dApps that use Wagmi wallet connector.

Devs can create custom login UI or use the built-in plug-and-play auth to onboard users via social login. Arcana Auth offers an embedded, non-custodial Arcana wallet for authenticated users enabling them to sign blockchain transactions. Devs can choose to use the built-in wallet UI or create custom wallet UI.

đŸ’Ē Key Features

🔒   Enable Social Login in Wagmi Apps

🗝ī¸   Plug and play user authentication

🔒   Onboard dApp users via social, passwordless login

🔒   Embedded Web3 Arcana wallet that can be branded and configured as per the application needs

⛓ī¸   Sign blockchain transactions, deploy and interact with smart contracts, manage native and custom tokens, view and manage NFTs, send and receive tokens

⚙ī¸   Configure blockchain transaction signing user experience using wallet visibility modes

🏗ī¸ Installation

To use the Auth-Wagmi SDK, devs must install and integrate the app with both, the Arcana Auth SDK as well as the Auth-Wagmi SDK.


npm install --save @arcana/auth @arcana/auth-wagmi


yarn add @arcana/auth @arcana/auth-wagmi


<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

📋 Prerequisites

Before you can start using the Arcana Auth SDK and Arcana Auth-Wagmi SDK in dApps, you need to register your dApp using Arcana Developer Dashboard.

A unique Client ID will be assigned to your dApp and you need the same to initialize the Arcana Auth SDK.

📚 Documentation

Check out Arcana Network documentation and Auth-Wagmi SDK Usage Guide. Also see Auth-Wagmi Quick Start Guide.

💡 Support

For any support or integration-related queries, contact us.

ℹī¸ License

Arcana Auth SDK is distributed under the MIT License.

For details see Arcana License.

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